Cytes Biotechnologies, S.L. offers several products to the research community, based on cells isolations and in vitro research models:

Human Hepatocytes

Human hepatocytes have become the "gold standard" for evaluating hepatic metabolims and toxicity of drugs and other xenobiotics in vitro. 
Primary Human Hepatocytes maintain their morphology and function over a long period of time
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Animal Hepatocytes

Primary Animal Hepatocytes and Subcellular liver fractions (Microsomes, Cytosol and S9 fraction) are model systems often used for a variety of in vitro screenings and analysis prior to clinical studies in Human & Animal Health and in Environmental Toxicology.

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Cytes media have been designed to successfully culture primary hepatocytes, following specific formulations to support thawing, plating and maintenance of primary cell lines. Most of the products are ready-to-use and are available in a variety of packaging and delivery configurations.

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Human NPCs

Non-parenchymal liver cells (NPCs) are about the 30% of the liver cell population composed of Kupffer cells, Stellate cells and liver Endothelial cells. These NPCs serve to support the structure of the liver, transport molecules and communicate with the immune system, among other functions.

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*Cytes Biotechnologies can offer more types of products and species. 

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