We are happy to announce that we have 3D Spheroid qualified Hepatocytes available at 2D price until May 15th! 3D cell models are characterized because their goal is to mitigate the gap between specific cultures and complex native in vivo environments, such as the liver. 

In general, it has been determined that 3D culture improves hepatocyte functions, probably due to the establishment of intercellular homotypic contacts and the presence of key components of extracellular matrix in and around the system. In this respect, it is noteworthy that these 3D models include spheroids. Spheroid culture system represents a progressive research tool and consists in inhibiting the binding of hepatocytes to the flat surfaces of the culture plates, forcing their flotation as aggregates. This culture system improves and promotes the retention of most parenchymal functions, together with the biotransformation activity of phase I and II, for at least three weeks later of planting. 

For this reason, spheroids are part of the cutting-edge of 3D hepatic cell culture which provide the best cellular functional lever for physiology and pathological studies, as well as drug discovery and toxicology with high predictive value.

September 2019 - Eurotox 2019

Our team successfully attended Eurotox 2019, organized by the Finnish Society of Toxicology and held in Helsinki (Finland), from the 8th to 11th of September

Cytes Biotechnologies presented a Poster in the congress:

Session: PV01 - Poster Viewing 1

Date: Monday, 9th September (9:00h)

Poster: P06-101 

Title: Primary human hepatocytes production for pharmacology, toxicology and basic research: four years experience

Presented by: Natalia Sánchez-Romero

June 2019 - New Partner: Caltag Medsystems

We are happy to announce our new partner in Europe (except Germany): Caltag Medsystems

For more information please contact:

May 2019 -CHINA

Cytes Biotechnologies travelled to China as part of the business mission organized by ACCIÓ. There, Cytes attended The Health Industry Summit, held in Shangai, one of the most important fairs on the biotechnologic sector, where around 300.000 professional and 7.400 exhibitors were gathered.

On this business trip, Cytes Biotechnologies visited the headquarters of China Pharmaceutical Innovation and Research Development Association in Beijing. This Association has more than 140 members and is the main pharmaceutical organization in Beijing. There, Cytes was able to meet several remarkable pharmaceutical companies.

Finally, Cytes also attended theHong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair focused on medical technologies and silver economy, in which networking was promoted amog the attendees.

Do not miss our CEO explaining the purpose of this business trip: Video 

April 2019 - INDIA

Cytes Biotechnology has successfully travelled to India. The purpose of this business trip was to conduct market research in the country in order to learn its potentiality and meet with biotechnology businesses and organizations to promote new alliances and collaboration opportunities.

April 2019 - Drug Discovery Summit

Dr. Natalia Sánchez-Romero, our R&D director, attended the3rd Annual Clinical Trials and Drug Discovery Summit meeting, held in Barcelona (Spain), the 29th and 30th of April

Cytes Biotecnnologies is proud to have sponsored this event, which aimed to advance an open and stimulating scientific and cultural exchange between the participants. Besides, the Summit provided a platform to promote international exchanges for drug discovery, and cooperation for new drug research and development in the global market.

April 2019 - EASL: The International Liver Congress

Our R&D Director, Dr. Natalia Sánchez-Romero, attended to EASL - The International Liver Congress held in Vienna (Austria),on April. There, she could meet with scientific and medical experts from a broad range of fields from around the world, and learn more about the latest in liver research.

March 2019 - New Partner: LT Biotech

We are happy to announce our new partner in Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia: LT Biotech

For more information please contact:

February 2019 - New Partner: Zen-Bio

We are happy to announce our new partner in the USA & Canada: Zen-Bio

For more information please contact:

February 2019 - BioAsia

Cytes Biotechnologies attended the 2019 BioAsia, which was held in Hyderabad (India) from 25th to 27th February. In this edition the theme was "Disrupt the Disruption" where the highlight was the urgency to take appropriate action to move forward in creative thinking, redesigning business models, etc., to lead the future success through agility and innovation.

2019 BioAsia conference enabled Cytes Biotechnologies to connect and interact with more than 800 corporates and over 70 high profile global thought leaders from more than 50 countries.

January 2019 - R&D Department

We are happy to announce we hired Dr. Natalia Sánchez-Romero to become the Director of our R&D department who will help us to give you an even better technical support.

Dr. Natalia Sanchez-Romero is originally from Spain where she obtained her Degree in Biotechnology, with a Master's Degree in Management and Administration of Biotechnological companies (Francisco de Vitoria’s University) and a Master's Degree in Genetics and Cell Biology (Complutense University of Madrid). 


After that, she engaged in her doctoral dissertation work, after being awarded a doctoral scholarship grant from the Spanish government in 2013 to develop her PhD and she obtained an international Ph.D in Biomedicine and Biotechnology in June 2017. From June 2017 until December 2018, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the Health Research Institute of Aragon (IIS Aragon) in Zaragoza, focused on the biology of IGF1 in liver and lung organoids, and on novel neovascularization strategies in the bioengineering of these solid organs.

October 2018 - BioJapan

After the successful attendance at BioJapan 2017, Cytes Biotechnologies has participate again in the event. Our CTO Estephan Arredondo was delighted to meet our customers and new contacts there to talk about potential synergies. 

The Partnering system was shared between BioJapan and Regenerative Medicine Japan, and the participants could reach a wide range of potential partners; over 9.000 meetings took place in the event. 

September 2018 - Japan Workshop at BIOM

Cytes Biotechnology has successfully attended a Workshop about Japan culture and business in Germany to help design our strategy for that country.  This workshop was part of the EIT Health initiative Start.Smart.Japan, a full-year training program focused in speed-up market of European life science SMEs in Japan.

Published news

September 2018 - Eurotox - Brussels

Thanks to our partnership with PRIMACYT we have been the 54th Congress of the European Societies for Toxicology (EUROTOX 2018) from the 2nd to the 5th of September, presenting our products.

The theme was "Toxicology out of the Box", and included outstanding keynote lectures.

June 2018 - Bio International Convention 2018

Cytes Biotechnologies attended the 2018 BIO INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION which was held in Boston (USA) from 4th to 7th June. In this 25th anniversary, 7.900 delegates from 3.900 companies participated in more than 46.900 partnering meetings; the largest number of attendees in 10 years, and hosting the largest number of BIO One-on-One Partnering meetings, setting a Guinness World Records for the Largest Business Partnering meeting.

Cytes Biotechnologies had access to the partnering system and arrangement of meetings in the Business Forum interacting with international biotechnology businesses and organizations. And also, had its own booth in the Spanish pavilion, Catalan BioRegion, managed through ICEX.

October 2017 - BioJapan

Cytes Biotechnologies attended for the first time BioJapan in its 19th annual fair, in Yokohama (2017). BioJapan is a benchmark fair in Asia for the global biotechnology industry which brings professionals and executives from biotechnologies companies. In 2017, over 900 organizations from 33 countries and regions participated in this event, holding more than 8.500 business meetings over the fair days.

Cytes Biotechnologies had the occasion to interact with international biotechnology businesses and organizations to advance new alliances and collaboration opportunities, having its own booth in Catalonian BioRegion, in the Spanish pavilion.