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From natural selection to animal liver hepatocytes 
In 1859 Charles Darwin raised the idea of ​​biological evolution. 150 years later, many things have changed, but one of the biggest secrets for this evolution is hide in the liver, more specifically the animal liver cells.
24.03.21 11:19 AM - Comment(s)
Einstein Research on Liver Cells and Pluripotent
The world of scientific discoveries never ends. Albert Einstein College of Medicine has been a pioneer in medical research and biotechnology in New York City, and the United States. The college has been doing intensive research on liver cells and their usage.
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From DNA Structure to Modulating Insulin Resistance
Franklin’s discoveries paved the way to understanding how cells, and specifically liver cells, replicate. Most liver cells remain in their quiescent state until damage (physical or chemical) is detected. Once wounded, the liver cells activate to divide and grow.
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