Brexit: Cytes Shipping & Conditions

10.02.21 04:17 PM By Info Cytes

Brexit: Cytes Shipping & Conditions

Cytes Biotechnologies can distribute its products in the United Kingdom despite the Brexit situation. 

This agreement, which came into effect last December 31, 2020, has changed the way shipments are made to the UK. However, Cytes Biotechnologies is well-positioned to operate in accordance with the new restrictions and is able to handle any type of shipment. 


UK Shipping process 

From February 2021, Cytes Biotechnologies will review each request according to its location to ensure minimal impact on delivery times.

We have enhanced our staff to guarantee a better service and to be able to efficiently solve possible contingencies that may arise.

We store and ship all cell products at the most favorable temperature range for the product and we proactively monitor the safety and integrity of shipped products.

All our products are delivered in compliance with IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Cytes Biotechnology products available in the UK

We will continue offering our complete catalog of human (download) and animal (download) products and services to our UK customers.

UK Customs issues

We ensure that samples are admissible and that proper declarations are made to customs authorities by providing all necessary documentation, and we proactively monitor the progress of the shipment to minimize potential delays or spoilage.

We recommend that the customer contact their local customs office prior to shipment, or as soon as their order is shipped, to confirm that no special or additional steps are required.

Communication with the customer

Once the shipment is confirmed, Cytes sends an email to the customer with the tracking number, order reference and the expected delivery date. In addition to this, the customer can contact our customer service team to resolve any possible doubt or issue. 


Cytes Biotechnologies’ fresh and cryopreserved product containers are shipped with leak-proof packaging materials to preserve their quality when transporting, to ensure that all primary cell products are protected with integrity and viability. 

Depending on the products sent and its specific requirements, we use:

1. Polystyrene box inside a slightly larger cardboard box sealed with tape:

- Cold packs (from 2 to 8 °C)

- Dry ice (-80 °C)

2. Dry shipper container LN2 vapor phase (-150 °C)