India Business Mission 2019
Cytes Biotechnologies travelled to India as part of the business mission organized by ACCIÓ. The aim of this business mission was the internationalization of Cytes.
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Drug Discovery Summit 2019
Dr. Natalia Sánchez-Romero, our R&D director, attended the 3rd Annual Clinical Trials and Drug Discovery Summit meeting, held in Barcelona (Spain), the 29th and 30th of April.
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ESAL - The International Liver Congress 2019
Our R&D Director, Dr. Natalia Sánchez-Romero, attended to EASL - The International Liver Congress.
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ZenBio Partnership
We are happy to announce ournew partner in the USA & Canada: Zen-Bio. ZenBio is a Cytes' North American distributor.
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BioAsia 2019
Cytes Biotechnologies attended the 2019 BioAsia, which was held in Hyderabad (India) from 25th to 27th February.
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