Cytes Biotechnologies: Liver Cells for Research

Company Profile




Cytes Biotechnologies, S.L. is a biotechnology company designed to offer services based on cells isolation and cell solutions for in vitro models addressed to the research community.

It is aimed to improve the availability of primary cells to the research markets while working to extend the utility and reproducibility of cellular tools and data.



Cells isolation is a differentiated and complex process that combines know-how and skills in tissue procurement and preservation, tissue processing for cell isolation, quality control, traceability, cryopreservation, and specific shipping of biological materials.





To provide the scientific community with the highest quality cells and most innovative technology using well standardised and validated processes to ensure:  

    - uniform quality 
    - high cell viability 
    - safety in compliance       with ethical and regulatory       international standards


Competitive Advantatges

Cytes Biotechnologies S.L. competitive advantages are:

  • Access to tissue procurement based on the specific technical and regulatory know how combined with an extensive networking in the hospital community.
  • State of the art know-how and technology in liver cell isolation and cryopreservation.
  • Close relationships and extensive networking in the research community.
  • Quality Assurance: Laboratory certified for ISO 9001:2015 and GMP.