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for Research

Cytes Biotechnologies was born in 2015 in Barcelona as a spin-off of the University of Barcelona (UB), offering products and services based on human and animal liver cell isolations, handling, and culture expertise. 

Just a few years later, Cytes supports 3 continents, more than 100 isolations, several R&D projects developements, and a large number of researchers, biotechnological companies, and pharmaceutical laboratories worldwide who rely on us for managing and providing scientific products and services.

No one knows what the future holds. What is certain is that the more we investigate the closer we will be to knowing. 


How we Help you In 
​Liver Cells Research

There are many liver cells on the market, 

which is why it is important to choose well. 

Here you can find some of the reasons to 
choose us. 

Adapted Liver Cells Conditions

With a diversity of liver cell sources we are able to twist and provide you with the liver cells conditions that suits the requirements of your research.  

End-To-End Process Control

We fully control all processes involved in the production and supply of all our services to ensure the best results in each step.

Extensive Network of Knowledge

We cooperate with a large network of institutions, foundations, hospitals and research centers in the fields of (big data, AI and in vitro ex vivo models)

Acces To Human Tissue

We comply with all regulations guaranteeing access to a large variety of human tissue adapted to your research needs.


Cytes Biotechnologies  

Jordi Xapellí


Linkedin Jordi Xapellí

Estephan Arredondo


Linkedin Estephan Arredondo

Natalia Sanchez

R&D Director

Linkedin Natalia Sanchez

Robert Gobern

Marketing Director

Linkedin Robert Gobern

Aina Soria

Project Manager

Linkedin Aina Soria


Cytes Biotechnologies 

Cytes Biotechnologies has the ability to distribute its products around the world quickly and effectively. 

This process occurs by Cytes Biotechnologies or through its distributors spread around the world. 

  • America
  • Asia 
  • Europe

We have official distributors of Cytes Biotechnologies in these continents and we are working to have them all over the world.


Cytes Biotechnologies 

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Quality Assurance

Committed to provide high quality products and services.

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Ethics and Compliance

Cytes Biotechnologies, S.Lcomplies with all  regulations.

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Official page to Cytes Biotechnologies Shareholders.

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Parc Científic de Barcelona (PCB), Tower I, Str. Baldiri Reixac 4-8, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Phone: +34 934034553

Mobile: +34 640128078

Email contact:

- Info: info@cytesbiotech.com

- R&D: research@cytesbiotech.com                                                                        

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What Makes Us Special

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

Cell handling and culture

As experts in cell derived products and specifically in hepatic cells for ADME−Tox studies, we use the latest technology in primary cell isolation, cryopreservation, and culture to provide the best products and services to our customers.

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

R&D Projects

Our R&D department, which is constituted by a multi- disciplinary team of high skilled professionals, devel- ops collaborative projects with other companies and research organizations.

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

Scientific and Technical Support

We support our customers with their scientific and technical inquiries by responding to their questions accurately and immediately. Our team is dedicated to providing appropriate guidance on product appli- cations, required documentation, and contingency solutions.

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

Extensive Network

We cooperate with a network of hospitals and research centers working in the field of digital technologies, big data, artificial intelligence, and in vitro ex vivo exper- imental models to improve the predictability, eficacy and the safety of new therapies.

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

Access to Human Tissue

We comply with all ethical standards and applicable regulations for the acquisition, handling, and supply of biological products for basic research, guaranteeing access to an extensive variety of human tissue.

Human Hepatocytes Inventory

End-to-End Process Control

We fully control all processes involved in the produc- tion and supply of all our services including donation and tissue selection, handling, isolation, cryopreserva- tion, characterization, distribution logistics, and techni- cal support, to ensure the best results in each step.


Cytes Biotechnologies Projects

  Cytes Biotechnologies Projects

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Cytes Biotechnologies News

Cytes Biotechnologies News

Take a look on Cytes Biotechnologies lates news >

  Distributors and Alliances

  Distributors and Alliances

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  Ethics and Compliance

  Ethics and Compliance

Cytes Biotechnologies, S.Lcomplies with all ethical standards and regulations > 

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Committed to provide high quality products and services fulfilling their needs >



Official page to Cytes Biotechnologies Shareholders >