Cytes Biotechnologies S.L. is a biotechnology company based in Barcelona, designed to coordinate, manage and provide scientific services to researchers, biotechnological companies and pharmaceutical laboratories.

We offer quality services based on cell isolation and cell solutions for in vitro testing models addressed to the research community.

Our aim is to improve the availability of primary cells in different research markets while working to extend the utility and reproducibility of cellular tools and data.

Where We Go

Our main focus is offering quality services based around primary cell isolation and cell culture medium solutions for in vitro testing, to provide to the scientific community the greatest cells and most innovative technology.


We work daily to provide the highest quality cells and most innovative technology in compliance with ethical and regulatory international standards.


The future always is exciting, and we want to continue to improve and grow in different research markets around the world by increasing the availability of primary hepatocytes and NPCs.

What Makes Us Special-            


Cytes Biotechnologies S.L. competitive advantages are:


- Unlimited access to healthy and pathological human tissue

- Expertise in primary cell isolation and cryopreservation

- Expertise in 2D and 3D culture

- Management and supervision of end-to-end processes (tissue selection and donation, handling, isolation, cryopreservation, characterization, distribution logistics, technical support, etc.)

- Extensive and close network with hospitals and research community

- I+D research projects

Our Values

- Ethics

- Quality 

- Commitment

- Amenability

- Proximity 

- Innovation

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