Cytes Biotechnologies offers products 

    and services based on human and animal 

    liver cell isolation and cell medium solutions 

    for in vitro models adapted on your conditions

    and requirements.


How we can Help you In Liver Cells Research

There are many liver cells on the market, which is why it is important to choose the best.

Here are some of the reasons to choose us.

Adapted Liver Cells Conditions

With a diversity of liver cell sources, we can provide you with liver cells in the condition that best suits the requirements for your research. 

End-To-End Process Control

We fully control all processes involved in the production and supply of all our services to ensure the best quality at each step in the process. 

Extensive Network of Knowledge

We cooperate with a large network of institutions, foundations, hospitals, and research centers in the fields of big data, AI, and in vitro and ex vivo models. 

Acces To Human Tissue

We comply with all regulations guaranteeing access to a large variety of human tissues and cells adaptable to your research needs. 

Liver Products

Primary Human Hepatocytes
Human Non-parenchymal cells
Animal liver cells & subcellular fractions
Culture media for primary cells

Human Skin Products 

Supplied from our network

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What we offer

We can provide you a wide diversity of skin-related products for your research

Ex vivo biopsies (Whole thickness skin, scalp with hair, sebaceous glands) and primary skin cells (Human Sebocytes, Human Hair Follicule Dermal Papilla Cells, Human Dermal Fibroblasts, Human Melanocytes, Human Epidermal Keratinocytes).

"The promise of development in biotechnological research will only be complete if it is ethical"

Jordi Xapellí, Cytes Biotechnologies CEO

Focusing On What 
​Matters Most


The EU is strongly committed to animal welfare and the promotion of alternative methods to minimize the use of animals for scientific purposes.

Innovation in biotechnology has led to the discovery of in vitro testing that can replace in vivo testing. In vivo studies are used to confirm and approve the efficacy and safety of any drug. 

At Cytes Biotechnologies, we supply fresh liver cells with the conditions that suit your research and test needs  to allow you to replace in vivo testing with in vitro testing.

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Some of Cytes Customers

These are just some of the cliets that have decided to trust us to be their regular liver cells distributor. 

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Obtain personalized advice from Cytes Scientific and Sales experts 

At Cytes Biotechnologies we will personally advise you to obtain the liver cells that best suit the conditions of your project. 

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Primary Human  ​Hepatocytes

Primary Human 

Human Hepatocytes have become the “gold standard” for evaluating hepatic metabolism.

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Human non Parenchymal Cells

Human non Parenchymal Cells

NPCs makeup 30% of the liver cell and serve to support the structure of the liver, among other functions.

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Animal Liver Cells

Animal Liver 

Animal Hepatocytes are model systems often used for a variety of in vitro screenings and analyses.

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Culture Media

Culture Media

Cytes media is designed to successfully culture primary hepatocytes and non-parenchymal cells.

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