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Hepatocytes for drug testing

Primary human hepatocytes have become the “gold standard” for evaluating hepatic metabolism and toxicity of drugs and other xenobiotics in vitro. Moreover, they are becoming utilized more extensively for many kinds of biomedical research, including a variety of biological, pharmacological and toxicological studies. For this reason, while we are living through this health crisis due to the spread of COVID-19 disease, hepatocytes are key to drug testing with the goal of mitigating the detrimental effects that this disease involves.

3D Qualified Hepatocytes (Spheroids) Promotion

Until 15th of May, Cytes Biotechnology will offer 3D Spheroid qualified at the same price as 2D qualified.

Spheroids are part of the cutting-edge of 3D hepatic cell culture which provide the best cellular functional lever for physiology and pathological studies, as well as drug discovery and toxicology with high predictive value

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