• Human Hepatic Cells
    Animal Hepatic Cells


Cytes Biotechnolgies S.L. is a biotechnology company based in Barcelona, designed to coordinate, manage and provide scientific services to researchers, biotechnological companies and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Our main focus is offering quality services based around mammalian primacy cell isolation and cell culture medium solutions for in vitro testing. Our specialization is in the isolation and characterization of primary hepatic cells for the grater research community. We hope to increase the availability of these cells in many different research markets around the world. We provide animal liver cells & human liver cells for research purposes to different research communities. Along with human kupffer cells, we also provide tumor organoids for cancer cell biology research.

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Our Services

Cytes Biotechnologies offers several services to the research community based on cells isolations and in vitro research models:


    Stellate cells, Kupffer cells &

    Liver Endothelial cells